Devine does well in Regional Free Throw competition

Devine was represented well in the free throw competition.

On February 10, 2018 our Devine Council was able to attend the Regional Free Throw Competition. The children that represented Devine Council 5192 were Ty Sadler, David Rodriguez III, Juan Billalobos, Jacob Antu, Jilliyn Guajardo and Joselyn Guajardo. This children went up against 12 other districts. Each child was given 5 warm up shots with 25 shots taken for score the one with rhe most shots would compete at the State level.
All children did great; Jilliyn Guajardo placed 3rd in the 10-year old girl division, Joselyn Guajardo placed 3rd in the 11 year old girl division, and Jacob Antu placed 2nd in the 13 year old boys division. The Knights of Columbus, Council 5192 would like to thank all parents and children that took time to participate in this event.
We look forward to holding this event again next year.