Devine City Council opts for full-service restaurant for golf course clubhouse

A more expensive, full-service restaurant with a longer construction timeline is teed up for the Devine Golf Course clubhouse after the Devine City Council approved expanding the kitchen in a split vote during a Special meeting last Tuesday, March 2.
Following up on Council’s February 10 request for a feasibility study on an expanded kitchen as requested by SG Golf Management and Jerry and Missy Stevens, who will be operating Charlie’s II out of the clubhouse, GRG Architecture’s Edward Garza presented two options.
Option A was close to the original kitchen renovation design layout approved by Council on October 27, 2020 that allowed for a limited menu, while Option B presented a tweaked layout and additional equipment to allow for a full-service restaurant.
Scott Grego of SG Golf addressed Council and said he had gotten a permit for the concrete slab needed for the proposed larger, outdoor walk-in refrigerator/freezer, estimated at $10,000. The slab was scheduled to be poured on Mar. 4.
“So that slab is already going to be done prior to construction,” Grego said. “So that $10,000 is already covered and taken care of.”
Grego said the hot water heater had also been moved outside, an estimated cost of $7,500. Additionally, Grego said that SG Golf was going to lease a dishwasher, which GRG had estimated at $5,500, and that their own estimate for the cost of a boiler was $3,600 as opposed to GRG’s $8,000.
“We’re trying on our side to get things done as well,” Grego said.

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Garza said the construction completion timeline, which was originally set at 120 days, would be extended.
“There’s four weeks of additional estimated contract time,” Garza said. “The additional three weeks for design will happen during construction, so the project we’re expecting could be an additional four weeks, more or less, of construction time.”
As per its contract with SG Golf, the City is paying the management company $32,536 per month until the completion of a turn-key clubhouse renovation.
Garza emphasized that the figures he presented were an estimate, not a bid.
“This is done on our best research,” Garza said. “Once the engineers get to the drawings and get them to the contractor and the sub-contractors have a chance to look at it, then we’ll have the firm price.
“As you all recall, we were tasked with a $250,000 goal, and we came in above. So it’s great that we’re saving money, but just be prepared for the price to go up. It could be an additional 15, 20 percent. These are estimates at this point, but this is information for you all to make a decision.”
Council initially set a renovation budget of $250,000 before approving a $342,000 plan presented by GRG. A $336,000 bid by Greco Construction was ultimately approved, as was a $450,000 tax note to pay for the work.
“How far are we from actually breaking ground on this?” District 3 Councilman David Espinosa asked.
“The contract is ready to be signed, we’re just waiting for the City to establish a date to start construction,” Garza said.
A motion by District 5 Councilwoman Debra Randall and District 1 Councilman Rufino “Flipper” Vega to move forward with the expanded Option B passed 3-1 with support from District 2 Councilman Steve Lopez. Espinosa dissented, and District 4 Councilwoman Kathy Lawler abstained, citing having not been a member of Council over the entire course of the clubhouse project.
The meeting was livestreamed and is archived at
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer