Devine Area Hospice continues to donate back to the community



The volunteer staff and the board of directors of the DEVINE AREA HEALTH AND HOSPICE RESOURCE, INC. would ONCE AGAIN like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of DEVINE and surrounding area for all of their generosity in supporting our charity during this past fiscal year.
The continued increasing support has enabled us to upgrade our store building and fixtures to make our store a more pleasant venue for our shoppers and also for our hard working volunteers.
Also, we have been able to increase the amounts we are able to spend on charitable works, and, are focusing additional spending on local projects within the Devine community.
The Hospice Thrift Shop is truly a community project; and the success of the operation is a reflection of the generosity and support of the good people of this community.
We believe that good works are fulfilling, encourage harmony and build a more responsive and responsible community.
The gifts to the thrift shop by the community and the efforts of our faithful staff of volunteers allow us to “recycle” merchandise of all kinds, re-sell it to the general public at reasonable prices and use the proceeds to the betterment of our community.
We are presenting our financial statement herein as a means of sharing the success of the operation with the community that makes all of the things that we do possible. The volunteer staff and board of directors are merely the stewards of this community enterprise.

We have now completed twenty-seven years of success and growth in serving the community and gratefully acknowledge the contributions of our volunteer workers and the community support we have received.
We invite all who have not visited our store to stop in and shop around.
We are located at 216 South Teel in the beautiful downtown Devine!
Should you find that you have some time to offer in assisting us with this endeavor, we invite you to stop in at the store and charity headquarters and we will be happy to sign you up!
Devine Area Health and Hospice Resource, Inc. is a 501©3 corporation classified as a publicly supported charity by the Internal Revenue Service.
The entity is supported solely by donations of merchandise and cash from the general public in the Devine area. The merchandise received from donations is sold back to the general public through the Thrift Store located at 216-218 South Teel in Devine, Texas 78016.
All of the people who staff the Thrift Store are volunteers. Also, none of the officers or directors received any compensation either in cash or in kind. All services performed for, or on behalf of the charity such as patient care, maintenance services, repairs, etc. are by separate independent contractors.
The corporations’ fiscal year is from July 1 thru and including June 30 of each year and an annual report of activities (I.R.S. Form 990) has been filed with the Internal Revenue Service for each year listed above.
Devine Area Health and Hospice Resource, Inc.
By: Larry G. Anderson – Treasurer