Deeper, better repairs in worst spots of Hwy. 173 from Devine to Hondo

In regards to TxDot’s efforts to repair the worst parts of Hwy 173 from Devine to Hondo, TxDot media representative Laura Lopez stated:
“The Contractor is currently working on 8” depth pavement repairs. TxDOT maintenance crews will continue to work on the roadway to patch potholes and perform repairs on the pavement. We will continue repairing the road and plan to put a seal coat surface treatment in Spring of this year.”
Resident Henry Schmidt who lives on Hwy 173 is relieved along with other residents.

Local man Bryce Dishman took some drone video footage of Hwy 173 from Devine to Hondo a few weeks ago on March 2, showing one of the old smaller patches that were not holding up for long. In the short time he was there he saw a truck and trailer have a blowout after driving through this hole a couple miles north of Hondo Creek. There is still more to go, but crews are doing a different kind of repair now, like the one shown above.

“They patched the holes in front of my house about two weeks ago, and it seems to be holding up a lot better. I guess it is going to be an ongoing issue with these big trucks, but it is getting better and I am happy as heck about it. Instead of just patching a 3×3 spot, that are repairing sections that are as wide as the lane and a lot longer.”