Cross Country set for Poteet Invitational

No meet was on the table for the Devine High School Cross Country teams this past weekend. The Arabian and Warhorse varsity and JV teams are hungry to get back in action this Saturday at Poteet.
Briefly recapitulating the week that preceded and included Devine’s hosting of its first Cross Country meet in approximately twenty-five years, the Arabians won the team championship scoring 35 points, outdistancing themselves from 2nd place finisher Pleasanton who finished with 56. At the conclusion of the week, as a group, the top five varsity finishers were designated Runners of the Week due to their championship performance.
Espi Mendoza (4th), Brooke Runyan (6th), Bri Bernal (9th), Mari Murillo (10th), and Abigail Whitaker (14th) expressed what winning the meet and being named Runner of the Week meant to them personally.
Espi Mendoza – Winning the team championship meant so much to the team, especially Coach Vay. We were proud to represent Devine in a positive way.
Earning Runner of the Week as a team is a big accomplishment because usually it is an individual accomplishment, but I am glad that it is our whole varsity team. We all work hard together.
Brooke Runyan – It has been an honor to be the first team to run in Devine in 25 years! Getting first place was an amazing feeling, and our girls have been working incredibly hard each day to prepare for district on October 11 and beyond.
Bri Bernal – Winning the team championship at our home meet was so amazing. Our whole team had been working extra hard to get ready for our first meet in 25 years. To know that everyone’s hard work paid off is just unbelievable. I am so grateful and very proud of everyone. Now we have to keep getting better and get ready for district.
Mari Murillo – Winning the overall championship was a great revelation to us because our team finished one after the other, proving we have been closing the gap. It also served as an encouragement that we have the capability to be able to advance to state!
I was very astonished that our varsity team made Runner of the Week since, traditionally, it has gone to individuals. Overall, it was a well-deserved accomplishment since every individual put in so much time and dedication to this sport.
Abigail Whitaker – It was really a great feeling to win the first Devine Cross Country plaque for Coach Vay. I am proud of my team being awarded Runner of the Week because we all work to improve every practice. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds.
Poteet Aggies Invitational information
The meet will be held at the Poteet Strawberry Festival Grounds on Highway 16. JV girls, varsity girls, and all middle school divisions will run a two-mile course while JV and varsity boys will run a three-mile course. The course includes grass, asphalt, hills, and sand.
Medals go to the top 15 runners in each of the varsity, JV, and middle school divisions. The top three varsity teams will receive a plaque, as well as the top JV and middle school teams.
The schedule of races are varsity girls at 8:30am, varsity boys at 9:00am, JV girls at 9:30am, JV boys at 10:00am, 8th grade girls/boys at 10:30am, 7th grade girls/boys at 11:00am. Poteet will roll times ahead of schedule if able to do so. Please arrange to arrive a little early just in case.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer