Cross country runner struck in hit-and-run

A Cross Country runner was the victim of a hit and run accident in Lytle last Wednesday, August 30.
The 14-year-old girl was struck by a motorcycle driver from behind, as she was running. Police are still searching for the driver.
“The driver of the motorcycle had a helmet hanging on the motorcycle, and the helmet struck the girl on the left side as he drove by. It knocked the girl down, and she suffered road rash to her hands, knees, and stomach.”
The accident was reported at the intersection of S. Benton and Mesquite St, in a residential area near the PD, where two athletes were training for cross country practice.
Police are looking for the driver of the motorcycle, who reportedly only stopped to pick up his helmet.
“There was another runner with the girl, so we were able to get a description of the man driving the motorcycle. We believe he is an Anglo male about 40-55 years old. He was wearing a black vest and black helmet with red on the sides. The man was driving a Harley-style motorcycle. According to the witness, the man appeared to be angry that his helmet got knocked off, and he just took off after picking it up.”
She was transported to the hospital by EMS, and released later that afternoon according to Lytle PD.
Police Chief Richie Priest warns drivers to be wary, as it can be difficult to see runners in early morning hours and evenings.
“I did see that they were wearing brightly colored vests or shirts today, and I was happy to see that,” Priest said. “We are not just a small little town anymore. Traffic isn’t what it used to be, and we all have to be more careful.”
If you have information about this accident, or the identity of the driver, please contact Lytle Police Department at 830-709-0277.