Cream of Flying Wheat

We were out of eggs, so I attempted to feed everyone another kind of healthy breakfast yesterday morning…Cream of Wheat. The little one tried hard to eat it at first, but got very little into his pie hole and mucho everywhere else. From his eyelids to his toes, he had cream of wheat dripping off of him, with a big smile. When he did manage to carefully get a spoonful of it close to his mouth, he started doing this really cute thing where he was trying to” cool it off” by blowing on it, and of course, that resulted in a lot of airborne cream of wheat….Cream of Flying Wheat as I like to call it now.
He dumped his peaches into the bowl too, which made it even more sticky and fun for him. It’s amazing the way it doesn’t seem to bother a baby to be covered in cream of wheat or any other ooey gooey mess. It just comes natural to them, and they look so cute doing it too, especially when they manage to half-convince you that they are trying their best to eat it.
To make a long story short, as much I enjoyed the Cream of Flying Wheat, I’ll make sure to remind my husband that we are out of eggs.