Covid cases at 69, with one additional fatality in our community

Medina County’s active COVID-19 case count for 12/20/2021 is 69 down from 111 last week with one COVID-19 fatality. There are still people dying in our communities from a virus that we have the ability to prevent serious illness from. Get vaccinated if you haven’t yet and don’t let this virus take your life or someone close to you. COVID-19 cases are likely to rise as the COVID-19 variant Omicron is making its way into the US. The Omicron variant may turn out to cause less severe illness but the data will be hard to track due to those already vaccinated or those who had a prior infection. The best thing you can do is to get vaccinated and get a booster shot regardless of how the Omicron variant will affect us. COVID-19 vaccines are available for persons aged 5 and up. Misinformation about COVID-19 is still hurting our ability to see the benefit of vaccination and to take care of our health and keep those around us healthy. No one wants to be in a hospital over Christmas, alone and not having any control. However, we can help ourselves by trying to stay out of that situation. Taking the responsibility to get vaccinated can help prevent severe illness and death. Getting vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t still get COVID-19 but it is the protection of keeping us out of the hospital that is the gift.
We have enough data to show that the current vaccines save lives and that is a bold statement. We have enough credible sources to support its value. Register for any COVID-19 vaccine at for initial doses or booster doses.
COVID-19 isn’t the only virus going around, flu season is here and cases are on the rise. Get your flu vaccine today. Medina County Health Unit has doses of flu vaccine at no cost for uninsured adults. Call our office if you qualify.
VACCINE DATA UPDATE (estimated) since 12/13/2021
People that are fully vaccinated age 5 and older:
Medina County 54.44% up from 53.87%
Texas 60.42% up from 59.61%
CASE DATA UPDATE (estimated) since 12/13/2021
Confirmed Cases: 4,918
Probable Cases: 2215
Fatalities: 171
Active Cases: 69 down from 111
Recovered: 6,888
Additional Texas COVID-19 Data:
COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Children age 5 through 11 Years Old:
By Patricia Mechler
Medina County Health Unit

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