Fire hydrant testing back on track and underway this week in Devine

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Monday, the Devine volunteer Fire and Rescue Department started fire hydrant testing in the City of Devine. The fire department issued a community announcement and gave instructions on what to do if this affects water in your home.
“This testing is to ensure that DVFD can protect your life and property if tragedy strikes. This testing is supposed to be done annually and has not been done for several years,” Chief Greg Atkinson stated. “We are attempting to raise the level of protection and fix the infrastructure the city needs and demands.”
Devine VFD states, “This is important for many reasons”:
1) Hydrant testing has not been done adequately for at least 5 years within the city
2) Hydrant testing can lower insurance rates for everyone in the district
3) Hydrant testing allows the city and the fire department to find flaws within the infrastructure of the water system
4) Hydrant testing ensures the fire department has better information for fire protection within the city
5) Hydrant testing allows the city to flush impurities out of its water system
“This is a huge step in providing better fire protection and ultimately fixing the infrastructure throughout the city. The Mayor, the City council, and the fire department have all worked to get to this point, and we are all excited to be getting this city back on track,” said Devine VFD Chief Greg Atkinson.

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“All of that said there are a few things the residents need to know. This could stir up sediment and impurities in your water system, including at your house or business. If you start to see murky, milky, or dirty water let your faucets run for several minutes until the water becomes clear again. If after 5-10 minutes the water is not clear please inform the water department. There is the possibility of broken water lines or hydrants, please understand that this is all in the process of fixing our infrastructure and if it breaks it will be fixed. The hydrants are city property and even though they may be at the edge of your yard DVFD and city workers must have right of way to these Hydrants. DVFD will be flowing thousands of gallons of water out of each Hydrant, you may see water running down the roadway or standing in your yard.”
“All operators should be in DVFD trucks and or identifying fire department gear. If they are not please call the fire department at 830-665-4246. We thank you for your support and if you have any questions feel free to contact Fire Chief Atkinson at 830-665-4246.”