County seeks approval for Criminal DA office

Thanksgiving is over and its almost time to put up the Christmas decorations. December 1st is the first legal day for hanging the lights and putting the tree up. The first Friday after Thanksgiving is generally used as the rule of thumb day for this endeavor but, its never been legal and no one has filed a case with the Christmas police for doin this. We didn’t because the ones who usually take care of this endeavor were in Virginia spending Thanksgiving with Yankee relatives.
We approved a couple of Public Improvement Districts within the Potranco Ranch subdivision which establishes a fund to pay for maintaining the private roads within the subdivision as well as other infrastructure common to the residents.
Also approved was the revised Preliminary Plat for the Sandhurst subdivision located across the southbound access road from the Weigh Station on IH 35 South. This subdivision will not be a gated community and will not have private roads but will have to build them according to County Subdivision Rules specifications before we accept them into the County road system.
Commissioners Court unanimously approved a Resolution asking the Legislature to create a Criminal District Attorney’s Office for Medina County. This will improve the Criminal Justice process of moving folks charged with criminal activity through the jail (keeping the jail population more fluid) and through the trial phase without having our DA’s Office concentrate on the other two Counties he services at this time. There are other benefits that I am sure will be covered elsewhere in this periodical. It is unfortunate that, by statute, the County Attorney’s position is eliminated with the formation of this office.
The roadwork is progressing on 173 and is posing a problem or two especially during school hours. Bear with the workers and the traffic problems for another couple weeks and things will get back to normal.
Sandy said we fed 44 on Thursday and had others come by and move the number of folks at the house to over 50. We were missing a few Becks, some Wilkinsons, Schneiders and a coupla Hellumses. We coulda fed them all though. Less than a month to Christmas Murdock…