County purchases 10 new voting machines; moving to new office

Finished the year with 23.6 inches of rain out Black Creek Boulevard and started the year with 0.8 inches on January the 10th. That 23.6 inch total is about half of what we got in 2018. It’s rainin a little now so I’ll add it to the next edition.
We were sposed to recognize Melissa Lutz for her continuing education hours completed last year which keeps her on top of the latest tax stuff but, she was a no show. Guess she was busy doing her tax collectin stuff. Our Veterans Service officer, Ruben Gonzalez, was chosen to serve on the Veterans County Service Officer Advisory Committee for our area. Ruben and his office have brought the Veterans Service office into the limelight through their efforts and have not only served our County well but, have people from surrounding Counties seeking their assistance.
Commissioners Court approved the purchase of 10 more voting machines in anticipation of the heavy turnout expected in this year’s elections.
This year, there are funds available to improve roads in the County which are affected by truck traffic associated with oil field operations in south Texas. Extra funds mean more paving done in the County. We just have to identify the affected roads and have the projects approved.
Commissioners Court also passed a Resolution in support of the Second Amendment (People’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms).
The Holidays are behind us and folks can switch into recovery mode for a while. By now, half of our New Year’s Resolutions have been broken.
We have everyone back from Christmas vacation and are in transition mode. We have moved everything except an oil tank and will be finished when this is moved. Still no telephone or computer hook-up in the new location. My office will operate out of the new location and our Constable, Malcolm Watson, will move into our old office space on the 2nd floor.
The Citizens Refuse Collection Station has moved from our old location to the new one between Morales Feed Store and the Devine Vet Clinic. Still open from 8-4 on Saturdays. Ought to have a trailer for old tires real soon.
Hopefully, by the time paving weather comes around, we will have settled into our new location and be able to operate smoothly. Call if something needs to be addressed and we will take care of it. If we don’t know about it, we can’t fix it.