County FY 2017-2018 budget process begins May 10

Well, seems like the last dose of cool weather has hit us and we start summer soon. Before we know it, it’s gonna be hottern’ a pile of metal in the middle of Jim Wilkinson’s Brownsville junk yard (he calls it a recycling center but, the nomenclature is irrelevant).
Healthcare is kicking our bu…dget to the tune of $800,000 this year alone, thanks to the unaffordable care act. Got me really looking forward to the day when we have to pay income taxes on the employer provided insurance coverage (Hopefully, this can be eliminated in the next 4 years).
According to the County’s outside audit, we are doing fine, financially. Property tax revenues increased by $1,085,713 (8%) to $14,618,683 for the year because of increased values and new developments added to the rolls. We are growing and do not foresee any slump in growth activity. We are starting on the Budget process on May 10th for FY 2017-18. Always a joyous time of the year.
Work activity will increase on CR 7711 during the week of May 15th with new road construction to begin the following week. This will complete the work promised on CR 7711 from SH 173 to CR 770. We will have to close the road to through traffic one day but will post signs to alert motorists of the delay. We anticipate closing the road for only a few hours to replace a culvert that crosses the roadway. This closure will take place between the hours of 9 AM and noon.
Just learned of the Railroad closing the entrance to Gusville off of the IH 35 Access road. Spoke with Gus Brieden and offered to support him in the form of a letter against the closure but, the Railroad evidently don’t care. Access to Gusville will be via CR 6611. Was contacted by the School Transportation Dept. as to the structural integrity of the culvert leading into Gusville. I have not spoken with Gus since the closure but, we will help him in any way we can to insure safe ingress and egress to the trailer park.
Since I used up ‘bout all the big, important sounding words I can, I’ll get back to stuff even Cullen Whitney can understand. Our shredder is up and runnin’ again but, our operator is gone on a cruise. We would have someone else run the tractor but, you gotta know just where to kick it to make it function properly. Shredding will resume soon.
High school Graduations are coming up and a lot of kids will have reached a big milestone in their lives. Most are ready and some got no idea how real and tough and expensive and unfair life is gonna be. Pretty soon, they are going to be on their own and have to make a living. Opportunities abound if you look for them and don’t wait around for handouts or someone to give you what you think you need. Good luck in the future.
Getting’ a little dry too…so pray for rain. Congratulations and good luck to the new Devine City Councilman, Cory Thompson. We hope to continue our great working relationship with the City. Only 229 days ‘til Christmas which reminds me, the MLB Hall of Fame without Pete Rose is like Christmas without Rudolph.