County courtroom facelift to cost $32,543

The Medina County Commissioners Court met this past June 12.
Courtroom repairs
The face lift of the large and small courtroom in the courthouse will cost an estimated $32,543. The job will consist of plaster and drywall repairs; wood trim repairs and replacement; scraping, repair and cleaning of wood windows; painting in both rooms, clean up. This work will be performed by Lonestar Mechanical.
Two subdivisions in Precinct #1 on the agenda for plat revision approval and revision are evidence that the county is still in its growth spurt.
Final approval was passed for Canyon Creek Preserve Subdivision Unit #2 located off of Hwy. 16 and Park Road 37. This unit consists of seventeen lots encompassing 447 acres. The lots are 25 to 26 ½ acres in size.
Unit 4 of Summit Ridge (formerly King’s Gate) was granted a variance allowing for bigger lots. Before it was purchased the lot sizes were 2 acres each. The variance will allow the 140 acres to be divided into 4 big lots.
Veterans Services
Veterans Affairs Office Director Joe Aynesworth reported an over $3 million dollar increase to county veterans in compensation and pension from 2015 to 2016. “We are very pleased with that,” stated Aynesworth. He added that all of the 4,965 county veterans have contacted the office for one reason or another.
Ruben Gonzalez, who also works in the other Veterans Affairs offices located in the County announced a Bulletin Board has been placed on the County’s Well Page. He explained that board is a snap shot of what’s going on Locally, regionally, and nationally in veteran’s affairs. The boards is updated weekly to bi-weekly. “We have received some great reviews,” said Gonzalez.
Trailer purchase
Precinct #2 received five bids from four different companies for a belly dump trailer. The bid was awarded to OMT Truck and Trailer out of San Antonio. Final price is $29,150. According to Commissioner Tim Neuman hauling takes over 1-2 hours using the old truck.
Public hearings
Authorization was granted to advertise for a public hearing to lower the speed limit on County Road 274 and the place stop signs at County Roads 264 @ 260; 2617 @ 2612; 2612 @ 2616. All are located in Pct. #1 in the lake area.
By Trina Williams