County contributes $250k to Regional Training Annex

We have gotten about 3.2 inches of rain out in the Black Creek Metroplex so far this year compared to about 2.5 during the same time last year. I sprayed for stickers last week and fertilized the grass in anticipation of rain this past weekend. Even watered so it’d rain but, we only got heavy mist. Guess we gotta keep prayin for rain.
This will come out after the Elections have been conducted and the winners decided so, congratulations to the newly elected or the re-elected. Won’t have to read about the Bexar County or State or National junk and now we gotta do without any mud-slinging until the General Elections in November. Just hope the Candidates gather their signs when it’s over. I will be calling those who leave them at the Devine Annex.
We sat through a presentation by a company that wants to manage our Jail Expansion and Annex projects. Next Thursday, we will have another company come and present their spiel to manage the projects. I would like us to present the figures and the basis for the need in a town hall type meeting at several locations before we sign any contracts so that the public will be informed. I would hope that we could contribute some of our reserve funds to the projected cost to reduce the amount needed through a Tax Anticipation Note or other means of funding. The need is there.
We have about $80,000 more cash on hand than where we were at this time last year. Even with the large, double entry in our numbers received from the Appraisal District Office, we will be able to make adjustments.
At the last Comm. Ct. meeting (I was in San Marcos in an investment school), it was voted to contribute $250,000 towards construction of a new South Texas Regional Training Center Annex. The City of Hondo and AACOG are contributors as well to this effort to provide vocational training to ALL the School Districts in Medina County. Transportation is being discussed so that students from Natalia, Devine, Medina Valley and D’Hanis can attend. Haven’t heard if Shook or Yancey is gonna send students or not.
This will afford students to be able to take classes on carpentry, mechanics, electronics or electrical applications. Students will be armed with the knowledge to enter the work force in the field they have chosen. Probly won’t have to diagram no sentences or identify dangling participles or anything like that, just real life job skills that are used in the real world.
We passed a Resolution establishing a District Court solely in Medina County. We would split from Uvalde and Real Counties. This is a process that has to go through the Texas Legislature and could take a year or two. This will speed up the Court process, lessen the burden on our County Jail and, in addition to jail expansion, may even eliminate out of town transports of prisoners to appear in Court here.
We have all the base material needed to start re-paving CR 5710 (Calame Store Rd.) from SH 173 to the Store (CR 664). There is a small stretch from SH 173 to the extension of Ingram Rd that may be omitted. Don’t know yet. Look for construction signs, signs of construction and detours in the near future.
We need to talk to the folks at Parker Lumber and ask them to put a clock on the front of the building. Richard Wilkerson took his home when he sold the business but, it quit working when he got it home. That clock saved a lot of people’s skin… Speaking of building fronts, notice our High School still has offensive graffiti on the Hwy 173 side. Somebody call Ron Outlaw and tell him there is no Burn Ban in effect…in fact, why don’t a bunch of people call him.