County clerk resigns

No rain to speak of yet although Comm. Lynch got 6 tenths of an inch the other day near D’Hanis. Not a lot going on at Commissioners Court on our 5th Monday of the Month meeting. Some blah blah blah stuff and JP Montgomery’s recognition for his tenure as President of the Justice of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas.
We accepted the resignation of our County Clerk and will interview applicants for the Interim County Clerk’s position this coming Wednesday starting at 2 PM. Unknown at this time if the appointment will be immediate or will take place at a later date. Whoever is appointed Interim will have to run for the Office next year.
The Nueces River Authority gave a presentation concerning an invasive species of plant called Arundo donax. That’s that tall bamboo lookin cane you see on the side of the road and along creeks and rivers. Seems this stuff is very hardy and difficult to control. George Waters is trying to burn and apply herbicide to the new growth method of controlling this stuff. Seems to be working but, it will probly take a couple years of this type of attention to eradicate this weed. If you’re interested in more information, call the Uvalde office at (830) 278-2025.
Lost one of the good guys the other day and, because I was in McAllen enjoying this South Texas weather, I missed his funeral service. I gotta say a little bout him anyway. Dusty Moore was a gruff, rugged, mean lookin guy who you could see had not won all the fights he was in during his younger years. Underneath that rough, crusty exterior was a fella who had a huge heart, especially for kids. Dusty did a lot for our youth (most of it behind the scenes without any recognition) during his time with us. But, I gotta tell a story bout the “young” ol’ Dusty that even he thought was funny.
During my first couple of years with the SAPD, I was assigned to the deep West Side. One night, I got a call for a fight at the Windjammer Lounge at Hwy 90 and Pinn Rd. I drove into the parking lot and as I was headed inside, Dusty was coming out, carrying his hat. We exchanged “hello, how you doins” and I asked what was going on inside. Dusty said “theres a helluva fight goin on inside.” He then drove off as I entered the place. Once inside, it was quite evident from the arrangement of the furniture and the broken glasses and the guy on the floor bleeding from the nose that a fight had taken place. I asked the bartender what had happened and he told me that some short redneck with a cowboy hat had started a fight and had left just before I got there. Since no one inside wanted to pursue the issue or file charges on anyone, I left.
Saw on the news the other night where some guy on the Houston Astros had reached the 3,000 hit milestone. Good for him, a great accomplishment. But as soon as he gets 3 World Series Rings, 3 MLB Batting Titles and 4,256 hits, I’ll take more notice. (You guessed it, Pete Rose stats.) Keep rain in your prayers and take after Dusty once in a while. No, don’t fight….do something behind the scenes for somebody with no need for recognition.