County budget, tax rate approved

It was Homecoming weekend in Devine last Friday. Good to see some of the old classmates that we haven’t seen in a while. There was a couple of us that still looked the same but, the rest of ’em got old.
One thing that I did notice at the beginning of the football game happened during the National Anthem (the real one). Saw a lotta young kids, 5-10 years old, stop and place their hands over their hearts until the Anthem concluded. Mom and dad, ya done good.
The 2021-2022 Medina County Budget was presented and was passed unanimously. The Tax Rate Came up next and passed 4-1. There was a budgeted deficit however, this will disappear before the end of the Fiscal year.
Even with the reduction in the Tax Rate, Medina County will raise $1,729,086 more than last year with $750,520 coming from new property added to the tax rolls. So, reduced tax rate with increased tax appraisals equal higher taxes and more income for the County.
We designated David Lynch to ramrod the meetings in case the County Judge is in jail or outta town the day of the meeting. Being the most senior member of Commissioners Court, we have forced him into the position. He didn’t holler too loud.
Due to the move from one building to another, we are gonna have a good amount of used furniture and such as a result and if there is any benevolent organization that would be interested in this, give Jennifer Adlong a call at 830-741-6021. The items are in good shape, we just replaced them with new furniture in the new build-ins.
There is no burn ban in effect, just follow protocol and call the Sheriff’s office before you set fire to the pile. We should be getting a trailer for old tires in the next couple of weeks. I’ll put it in this periodical when we get it.
I have a question for the morons in Washington DC…how did these poor indigent people from Haiti get across the Gulf of Mexico to Mexico and all arrive at the same time at our border? Who funded this operation? Did Democrats use their campaign funds for this? Where did they all go? Did they get sent to Republican leaning areas and issued voter registration cards for the next election so they could vote for the people who brung em? I heard that seven plane loads of Haitians had been sent back…so, 15,000 divided by 7 equals 2,142 in each plane load went home. We need sweeping changes at all levels.
One day closer to Christmas.