Council meeting canceled thanks to COVID-19

Problems associated with COVID-19 scuppered plans for a Devine City Council meeting in July.
Regular meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of every month, but that date – July 20 – passed with no meeting and no comment by City officials.
That changed on July 26, when the City released a short statement: “The Council Meeting that was re-scheduled for Tuesday, July 27th has been cancelled due to issues to related to COVID.”

COVID-19 cases have increased recently thanks to the virus’s highly contagious Delta variant and low vaccination numbers.
City Hall closed to the public on July 19 because of a staffing shortage, and will remain closed until further notice, though business can still be conducted over the phone, at the drive-thru window, or online.
In addition, the July 27 and August 3 Preschool Story Time programs at the Driscoll Public Library were canceled.
Neither State law nor City ordinance requires a set number of Council meetings for Class A General Law such as Devine. Section 22.038 A of the Local Government Code states only that “The governing body of the municipality shall meet at the time and place determined by a resolution adopted by the governing body.” That statement is repeated exactly in Section 2-42 A of the City’s Code of Ordinances.
The next Regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 17. Emergency or Special meetings can be called prior to that date if necessary.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer

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