Cote advances to State powerlifting meet

Arabian powerlifter Paige Cote qualified for the State meet with a lift of 875 lbs. See more photos at our online store!

The Devine Arabian powerlifting team competed at the Regional meet last Saturday in Carrizo Springs.
Paige Coté, Molly Fuller, Celine Samarripa, Felicitas Diaz, and Rebecca Fowler proudly represented the Arabians with Coté advancing to the state meet in Waco on March 17 and 18.
According to Coach Paul Gomez, “It was a tough day for us but a great learning experience for the underclassmen. My lone senior, Molly Fuller, needed her best ever total to try to qualify for state but fell short. Molly finished 8th at the meet with a 770 total in the 165lb class.”
Celine Samarripa got 10th place with a 625lb total in the 123lb class. Rebecca Fowler got 12th place with a 700lb total in the 181lb class. Felicitas Diaz bombed out by not being able to lift her first squat attempt.
“Luckily all of the lifters besides Molly will be back to improve their rankings and try to medal and move into state,” stated Gomez.
Paige tied for 3rd but got the 4th place medal because the other girl weighed less. She met the qualifying total of 875lb for state.

Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer