Champion new County Clerk

Gina Champion was selected as the new County Clerk. She replaces Lisa Wernette.

After interviewing three candidates for the County Clerk position, Commissioners decided to hire Gina Champion during a special meeting on August 7, 2017. Champion will begin her duties on August 14, 2017 as county clerk in training. On October 1, 2017 Champion will be the interim county clerk until the seat is voted on at next election. She is currently the office administrator for Commissioner Precinct #4. Her boss Commissioner Jerry Beck, made the motion to hire her for county clerk, with a second from Commissioner Pct. #2 Larry Sittre.
Due to health issues Lisa Wernette resigned from the county clerk position last week. Her resignation becomes effective on September 30, 2017. Commissioners interviewed Champion, Elva Miranda and Andi Hearn during a workshop last Wednesday, August 2nd. Judge Chris Schuchart
Champion will be paid regular county clerk salary during her time as clerk in training and of course interim clerk.
Editor’s notes:
Champion is excited to take her new position as the County Clerk, and commented, “Applying for this position was something I gave great thought and consideration to. When this opportunity came up I thought this would be something I would enjoy taking on, I have been with the County for 13 years and have enjoyed my service to the community and the people I have worked with here in Devine. I am very familiar with how to maintain the function of an office and its employees as well as maintaining a balanced budget for that department.
“I have worked with many of the County Departments and a lot of the employees in Hondo so I feel very comfortable moving over there. I don’t really know the folks in the County Clerk’s office but I am looking forward to meeting them and working with them,” Champion said.
“One of the things I do love and have been so proud of being a part of is the Devine ISD School Board, but unfortunately I will not be able to continue my term with them and have tendered my resignation effective Friday, August 11, 2017,” Champion adds. “I will be running for the Clerks position in this next election and cannot hold dual offices. In closing I would like to say that having the support of my husband Chris all my family, friends, & coworkers has been such a blessing to me and has meant so much. I would like to thank the County Commissioners and Judge Schuchart for the confidence they have placed in me to take on this job and I will do everything in my ability to make Medina County proud to have me serve them.”
Gina Champion grew up in Devine and graduated from Devine High School. She moved away from Devine, but returned in 2004 and has lived here since. Gina served 2 terms on the Devine City Council from 2010-2014; and has also served on the Medina County Emergency Services District 2 Board; and has worked for Medina County Pct. 4 Commissioner’s office for over 10 years. She was elected to the Devine ISD School Board in 2015, where she has served, but will soon submit her resignation.
Gina and her husband, Chris have 5 children. The oldest, Mike, is a 2002 graduate from McAllen Memorial HS and a Marine Veteran. Eric graduated from Harlingen HS in 2003 and is an Air Force Veteran. Todd graduated from CalAllen HS in 2003 and is a Coast Guard Veteran. Victoria graduated from Devine in ’04, and attends UTSA. The youngest, Brice is a senior at Devine High School.
By Trina Williams
Staff Writer

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