Ceremony to honor Civil War vets planned for Evergreen Cemetery

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp 2254 will host a ceremony to honor the Confederate and Union Veterans that are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Devine, Texas. The ceremony is planned for May 13th, 2017 at 10 a.m. in Section 8 of Evergreen Cemetery.
In preparation, we would like to locate and invite the families of the following Civil War Veterans: William Thomas Bailey, John Barlet, Fredrick Bippert, Joseph Bond, Henry Clay Bouldin, Jackson Bowman, Lumuel Bowman, James M. Bright, John F. Brown, Vernon K. Brown, John Sherman Burton, James M Coker, William C. Coopwood, Thomas Murphy Davis, Thomas Harvey Galbreath, Rufus C. Gossett, Joshua E. Herring, William Van Herring, John Ross Hester, John Bright Howell, George Allen Hufford (Huffor), Enoch Benton Littleton, John Nathaniel Morris, George K. Perkins, John Redus, Phelix W. Roberson, James Monroe Roberts, James W. Silvey, Byrd Smith, Robert P. Sledge, Robert John Teel, Gibson E. Tilley, William Thompson, Henry M.L.F. Torbett, Elisha F. Whitley, Robert A. Williams and Wiley Bivens. Possible veterans: J.B. Davis, John Jenkins, and Oliver Hodge. Also Union Veterans: William C. Hale, David L. Howard, Jefferson G. Lilly, and John Madison Roberson.
If you have any information about these or other Civil War Veterans buried in Evergreen Cemetery, please send an email to: Johnny.Thornbush@gmail.com. We would also like to recognize the descendants of these veterans and invite them to come to the ceremony.