Cartoonist Maverick Beaty’s first gig

Maverick Beaty, pictured with his dad Jerel and brother Nolan, receives his first check for his cartoon Team of Two from The Devine News publisher KK Calame. Nolan is holding the first issue of The Devine News that Maverick’s column was published in.

Fifth grade Devine Intermediate student Maverick Beaty’s cartoon Team of Two began running in the Devine News at the beginning of September. The cartoon is mostly about eleven year old Maverick and his eight year old brother Nolan and the shenanigans that the two go through on a daily basis. While the comic is mostly about situations that have actually happened in real life, some of the ideas come to him while he has down time at school or home.
“I started to draw around the time I was three years old,” stated Maverick. “I used to draw all the characters from Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Simpsons, and other shows that I watched on the back of worksheets and scratch sheets of paper when I had extra time. Mrs. Geries, the librarian at Ciavarra Elementary, saw one of my drawings and hung it up in her library. I thought if what I drew for fun was something good enough for her to hang up that drawing might be something I was good at doing. So I continued doing it.”
Maverick has a few cartoons that he is developing for future endeavors. The Soup Kitchen, Newscast, and The Sarcastic Sarcazums are in the early stages of development. Another comic that is actually Maverick’s favorite is based on humorous interactions between him and his dad. He affectionately titles that one Clueless Teacher. See ya in the funny papers.