Carrillo raises awareness of White Cane Safety Day, hopes to connect with others

Frank Carrillo of Lytle demonstrates how the white cane is used.

Local man, Frank Carrillo, reached out to the News to help raise awareness and in hopes of connecting with others in the community, affected by blindness.
“In 1954, when Lyndon B Johnson was President, he declared October 15 as National White Cane Safety Day in observance of the white cane,” Carrillo dictated in a message to the News. “The white cane is a symbol or a tool that the visually impaired and blind use to move around and to travel this cane gives us the independence. This cane is used as our eyes to guide us through obstacles, through rough terrain, through sidewalks and walkways, wherever we must go, we travel with this, our partner. The Cane measures from the tip of your nose to the ground and is usually held in one hand and swung left to right. The 57th annual White Cane Day is October 15, and there will be a White Cane march in San Antonio, where the Mayor of San Antonio will proclaim October 15th as White Cane Day.
“I just want to pass this on to others around Lytle who may also be blind or visually impaired, just to let them know they’re not alone. We just need to come together and advocate for each other and prove that there’s nothing that we can’t do if given a chance. Thank you and God bless!” said Frank Carrillo of Lytle.
If you are interested in coming together to perhaps organize an event or help raise awareness about White Cane Safety Day, you may reach out to Frank Carrillo at 210-552-4428.