Can we find 9 volunteeers?

If you or someone close to you has ever received a blood donation, you know you are forever changed and grateful for it. Giving whole blood is the most common way to donate.

Today, I want to talk about platelet donation. Platelets are cells that help stop bleeding. They are also a very delicate blood component that only has a shelf life of about 7 days. They are in constant need. People who have traumatic injuries need platelets as well as those undergoing cancer treatments and transplants.
This week, I am asking for a few donors, specifically 9 people, so that a blood donation bus can come out to the county for a platelet drive.
Valentine’s Day is coming up, so let’s show others some love with your life-saving donation. For me, giving blood and encouraging my kids to do so, is teaching them the importance of giving. They are forever donors now and they know how important it is. If you can take a moment to teach this to the younger generation, your influence is appreciated. Plus, what if it could save your life or a family member’s one day?
Looking forward, our plans are for a March and April platelet drive. To do these donor drives, we need people to sign up in advance that we know will be eligible. South Texas Blood & Tissue states that anyone who is at least 17 years of age, weighs at least 110 pounds, and is in good general health may be eligible to donate platelets. Donation also depends on the body’s platelet count, which will be assessed before donation. One thing about female donors, if you have had a child, you must be tested for human leukocyte antigens (HLA) before you can give platelets. You can usually get HLA testing done when you give a regular blood donation. So, if you are a female and would like to go the extra mile and be a platelet donor too, find out if you are eligible first. Donating platelets takes a bit longer than donating blood, generally, donors should allow at least 2½ hours. It is a rewarding gift and it’s free to give. Call us at 830-741-6191 if you have any questions and let us know if you can be one of the 9 platelet donors. We can’t wait to hear from you!