Burn ban still in effect

Black Creek got an even 4 inches of rain on the 7th of August and by now, it has soaked in and the grass is back to needing water. While other folks fought off the running water and small scale flooding, we had some puddle next to the gate out front. Seems the sand out there acts like a sponge. Still bout 5 1/2 inches behind this time last year but, I ain’t complaining.
This meeting was another run of the mill, plain Jane, go through the motions meeting with no fanfare or fireworks. We did agree to fund an Eagle Scout project that will provide an outdoors break area for employees under the shade of the pecan trees here on the Courthouse grounds. (Or anyone else passing by that wants to take advantage of the structure.)
We did have a Budget meeting after Commissioners Court and have made a few adjustments to the figures, bringing it near to the final draft. Should have it together and ready to vote on by the September 25th meeting.
By now, everybody knows that Gina Champion has been appointed County Clerk. That means that she has abandoned her office here in Devine and has left us hanging out in the cold to fend for ourselves. Kinda like fumbling around in the dark, stacking marbles one handed without her around. Really, we wish her well, have no doubt that she will do a great job and will support her in every way.
I have stolen a County employee from another County office to fill in the space vacated by Gina. Gracie Martinez has bout 17 years experience working with Medina County and is well versed in the methods of communicating with Elected Officials and Department Heads and the paperwork associated with the job. She will leave Judge Montgomery short-handed for a while but, his office will recover and she will adjust well to the change.
The Burn Ban is still in effect. Didn’t get enough rain over a long period of time to justify lifting the ban so, hold off burning until it gets a little wetter.
Tried to go listen to Congressman Will Hurd at the Dairy Queen on Friday. Seems a group, including a Democratic Precinct Chair outta Bexar County, had been following him to each of his stops not to interact with him but to disrupt the meeting. They exhibited the utmost disrespect as they spoke over him, interrupted him and had a complete disregard for any kind of decorum. Sad that these folks represent the Democratic Party.
Got a strange call the other day from an old acquaintance wondering if I was still going to extoll on Pete Rose in light of his admitting to 47 year old accusations of inappropriateness……was thinking about this long before the call. Guess I gotta drop him and end my campaign to get him in the MLB Hall of Fame. I’m still lost on the chicken issue….
Only 131 days till Christmas….