Budget work starts next month

Bobby Joe Rothe gave us an update on the reasons behind having to change some long standing physical addresses which will be addressed in a story by this papers Court reporter soon. If you have questions in the meantime, call the 911 District at (830) 741-8997.
Trash problems have subsided a little out in the County but, maybe its just a break in the action. We are going to aggressively address this problem through the Sheriff’s Office when the need arises. Folks within the city limits should contact their local law enforcement agency even though they refer you to the County. Have them read the Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 365:Texas Litter Abatement Act. Managed to do that without mentioning names or agencies.
Next month, we start working on next year’s Budget. Always interesting to see how much our tax base has grown, how the various departments have handled their individual budgets and how much (if any) our reserves have grown. Remember when taxes were raised last year to build up our Reserves after using some of it to finance our new buildings? I do. Specially the part where we were going to lower them once the Reserves have been replenished.
Heard a rumor (since substantiated by the Big Dog hisself) that Devine Lumber is gonna be sold to some cross the creek outfit. Gonna miss Richards “customer is always right” attitude and his quiet, reserved demeanor when dealing with said customers. Sad….another local institution gone the way of the pay phone. Or Richard was institutionalized or something like that. Guess he’ll just drink coffee and chase cows with Denny Moore now.
On April 15th last year, we had recorded 6.3 inches of rain out Black Creek way. So far this year, we have logged 6.2 inches through April 17th. Pray for rain. Speaking of April, hope everyone got their taxes paid on wages you earned so someone who can but don’t work can have their checks (that they didn’t earn) on time.