Brummett Cemetery vandalized

A local cemetery in nearby Moore has been repeatedly damaged and vandalized this past June. Cemetery supporters and volunteers are asking for help and noted that the historic Brummett Cemetery was deeded to Frio County September 21, 1889. Veterans from the Civil War, WWI and WWII are buried at this historic site.

The fence at Brummett Cemetery has been vandalized.

“The two bathrooms were pulled from their foundation and the lattice partitions surrounding them were destroyed. Metal posts were pulled out of the ground and a portion of the fence was damaged. Earlier this year, signs were stolen from the entrance,” stated a letter to the Frio County Judge.
“This cemetery has been maintained by individuals through donations from family members of those interred in the cemetery,” said cemetery supporter Cora Sadler. “My husband, Ed Sadler, built the fence, the bathrooms, the pavilion, installed the gate, mowed, and did overall maintenance for over 20 years. Since his death, I have assumed the role of caretaker. This cemetery is a treasure to many of us and we are heartbroken that we cannot protect it from destruction. Veterans from the Civil War, World Wars I and II, and Texas Rangers are interred in the cemetery. Our fear is vandals will now resort to destroying the monuments.”
Please contact Cora Sadler at 830-772-6019 or her daughter, Linda Cooper at 512-970-5938,for questions or if you’d like to help. If you would like to send a donation to the Brummett Cemetery Supporters, you can mail it to: Cora Sadler P.O. Box 1462, Lytle, Texas 78052.
“It’s very sad,” Cooper commented, “It means a lot to many people in the community.”