Broken TV stolen

Lytle PD officers handled 68 calls for service this past week and conducted 104 traffic stops. Of those traffic stops, 74 resulted in citations and 30 were either verbal or written warnings.
No major property crimes to report, but we did have a few things reported to us. Seldom does a property crime make me feel good inside, but our first theft of the week, on Monday, was an exception. A fellow walked in the Express Rent to Own on Main St. and grabbed a TV on display and headed out the door. He left in a small vehicle headed north on Main St. When Cpl. Robison responded to the scene he was told the TV was broken and being used as a display only! I would love to be there when our thief realizes he didn’t pull off a good theft, he just hauled off somebody’s junk. About an hour later Cpl. Robison was dispatched to H.E.B. Plus for another theft, this time store employees confronted the thief and recovered about $300 worth of hair care products. The suspect fled prior to the arrival of the officer. I would say with great confidence that if the suspect had gotten away with the loot, it would have ended up in a flea market somewhere. On Tuesday Sgt. Hanson responded to the Lytle Public Library for a report of a theft. No, they didn’t take any books….our crook(s) made off with a U.S. flag and the rope that it was being flown with. A video appears to show the suspect vehicle as a light colored crossover/small SUV and the theft occurring on the prior evening. That’s an odd theft for sure, I can only hope our thief is a patriotic fellow and not some sort of anti-government type. On Wednesday we had a burglary of a vehicle report, a White Cap Dr. resident reported that someone took a tool box out of the back of their truck. It either occurred at the residence or at the high school. The loss was valued at approx. $500. Certified Truck and Auto Repair on Main St. reported the back window of a customer’s vehicle was broken out, the cause or reason is unknown. On Pine St. a suspect took a small sized girls bicycle but must have changed their mind as it was found a short distance from the house. That is another really odd theft.
Only one arrest, Cpl. Robison stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and the driver was wanted out of Bexar Co. on a felony robbery warrant. The driver was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
I was working patrol on Sunday and I got a call for a disturbance/fight involving a group of young kids on Bruce St. I had driven by a few times and noticed a lot of kids outside playing, a rarity today. I commented to one of the parents about how many kids lived around here. She said that the kids were all outside because the phone line for the whole street was down so nobody had internet! It all makes sense now.
Please join for our annual National Night Out event on Tuesday Oct. 1. We will be at the Lytle Community Center on Priest Blvd, so the event is a go rain or shine. The event runs from 6 PM until 8 PM. We will be providing hotdogs, drinks and chips. A variety of local businesses and organizations will be set up as well. Come check it out, hopefully we will have some cool door prizes too!