Bomb squad investigates, residents evacuated

At 8:45 pm last Tuesday night, we were notified that San Antonio PD Bomb Squad made location and local residents who had been evacuated were given the “all clear” to return to their homes.
“We evacuated homes on both sides of the 500th block of Aubrey St.” said Natalia PD Chief Gilbert Rodriguez.
Medina County officials had called on the San Antonio Bomb Squad to investigate a suspicious looking device found on the side of the road that evening.
“A suspicious electronic device was found along the side of the road,” said Medina County Emergency Manager Keith Lutz, at 7:40 pm that day as they awaited the squad. “We are just being cautious right now.”
“The device was two large batteries and a smaller battery wrapped with duct tape with wires sticking out on one end,” Chief Rodriguez later added.
“We now believe that it was dropped on the road accidentally during the city-wide clean up.”