Big changes to recycling at TexSpice

TexSpice is a local non-profit that works with individuals with developmental disabilities located just outside of Devine. We package spices and also have a small recycling business. As a result of recent changes in the recycling market, we can no longer accept any type of plastic for recycling. We were contacted by our recycling company and were told that the plastics market has crashed. In fact, if we ship plastics to the recycler, we will be changed back a trash disposal fee. We have informed all of our pickup locations and have a sign posted at the drop off location stating what we recycle and what we do not recycle.
We only recycle cardboard, aluminum cans, office paper including shredded paper, junk mail and any other white paper at this time. Please do not bring your plastics, glass, books or magazines to TexSpice for recycling.
We appreciate the support of the community, but please do not bring us items that we cannot recycle and have to put into our trash. Thank you.