Bid openings for CoO for Jail, Courthouse annex

No rain but, its only been a week since we got 2 inches so, we still have some moisture in the ground and there is still a lotta green in the landscape. Been hot but, what’s new? Poor Yankees are crying about a little heat…probly Trump’s fault.
Our Medina County Historical Commission was awarded the Distinguished Service Award again for their work in researching and documenting our local history and without their efforts, a lot of this information would be lost or forgotten. They have recently comprised a map of Medina County that lists the locations of the historical cemeteries in the County. I have asked for a copy to be displayed in the Annex in Devine for those interested in this information.
Comm. Ct. voted to support the request of TxDOT to close the picnic area out on SH 173 between Hondo and Bandera known as “Big Cut.” Seems the landmark has turned into an eyesore and a maintenance nightmare. Speaking of landmarks, whenever the decision is made to sell the 19 acre tract of land that we call our Precinct yard, it does include Rose Hill.
Had bid openings on Certificates of Obligation to pay for the Jail Addition and Courthouse Annex. Factors under our control that contributed to our overall AA- rating included: Strong budgetary performance, Very strong budgetary flexibility, Strong institutional framework and Very strong liquidity. We had no control of our economy, which was deemed Adequate and County management was Adequate. Need to point out AGAIN, that this construction is going to be done without a tax increase.
The tire collection trailer is gone and has been gone for a couple months. Several folks have asked when we would get it back. We are going to try to have one back in the yard (hopefully, the new yard) in September or October. Seems we get a lot of inquiries just after we send the trailer back. (Somebody tell Ron Outlaw and Domingo Herrera) I try to keep this type of service in the paper but, some don’t read it too regular.
Have had several things take center stage in front of the dumpster-in-the-right-of-way issue but, will mail a letter to the companies this week and ask them to assist before we pick them up and take them to the yard.
The tractor that we use for shredding the right-of-ways went from being an auction-worthy item to scrap metal in the last couple weeks. Repairing it, as we have been doing for the last 8 1/2 years, is no longer an option. We are going to purchase a new one (I have enough reserve funds for the tractor) but, it won’t be ready till mid-September. Commissioner Neuman has offered his extra one for us to use until ours is ready. Bear with us for a little while….
In a couple weeks, school starts again and only 155 days til Christmas.