Baby Tucker will follow big sissy anywhere

Baby Tucker has finally gotten patient enough to sit on my lap and read a couple children’s books— briskly–so long as we just look at the pictures and turn the page quickly. At least, he doesn’t terrorize the hard board books too much. He actually leaned down and kissed the cute little pony on one of the pages, so that was really sweet.
He does the same thing when I am trying to entertain him by showing him pictures of Sissy. He’ll lean down and kiss her picture on my phone. It’s adorable.
I’ll tell you one thing….that baby worships the ground that big Sissy walks on. He is so amazed and impressed with everything she does. He walks around the house clapping for all her tricks, laughing loudly at all her antics. Sissy throws and catches the ball, “yay!” he’s clapping. Sissy walks up and down the hallway balancing a book on her head, “yay!” he’s clapping. Sissy drops the book, “yay!” he’s clapping and laughing wildly at that too.
He’ll follow her up and down the hallway and around the bouncy chair and behind the couch, under the table, wherever she goes, endlessly…. Baby Tucker is so in love with Sissy.