Baby T-rex

Teething is a treacherous thing. What makes baby Tucker’s teeth feel better inflicts a great deal of pain on his unsuspecting loved ones….our legs, our hands, our necks, whatever is nearby when he gets a sudden teething ache. The teething pain must come on pretty intensely because he sure bites down hard and fast when he decides to “teethe” on us.
Big sister A’Dell is constantly being bitten. My husband came up with another clever nickname for baby Tucker…..”KenTucky Fried Chicken.”
I got one of those big bags of one hundred balls (like they used to have at McDonald’s playgrounds). I thought it would be fun for the kids. It is. It’s also one hundred toys that can be distributed across my living room in a matter of seconds. Tuckers favorite thing to do with them so far is turn the bag upside down and dump them all out. A’Dell’s favorite thing to do with them is throw them against the wall in the hallway while I’m trying to take a nap. Me and my ideas.
On the bright side, it does give baby Tucker something else to teethe on besides me!