An uneventful week

It was another mostly uneventful week at Lytle PD. We handled a total of 51 calls for service and conducted 31 traffic stops. Warnings came out ahead of citations by a tight score of 16 to 15.
We had one arrest this past 7 day period, it was for a theft warrant. A couple months ago this fellow took a fancy DeWalt drill from True Value. Sgt. Hanson was able to confirm his identity and obtain a warrant. The suspect was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
Property crimes reported this past week came in three sizes; small, medium and large. Small was the pack of gum ($2) that was shoplifted from the H.E.B. C-Store. Medium was the Kodi Cooler ($396) taken from the H.E.B. Plus. On a side note I am still not sure why these high dollar ice chests are so popular, everybody wants one including the crooks. The large theft was a complete set of 4 tires and wheels ($600) off of a 2007 Honda Accord. The crooks were nice enough to replace them with some old tires and wheels, this theft occurred at the Panchangon Auto Sales at Main St. and Priest Blvd.
I took a few days off last week and the family travelled to the Great State of Louisiana, we stayed in Baton Rouge. We visited the National WWII Museum and the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans and they both were fantastic. We spent a few hours at the USS Kidd (a WWII era Destroyer) in Baton Rouge and as well as Rosedown Plantation in beautiful St. Francisville. One of my favorite stops was at Cou-Yon’s BBQ in Port Allen where I enjoyed a wonderful stuffed baked potato topped off with fried shrimp. Sorry, somewhere along the way I switched gears from police chief to travel reviewer/food critic.