Arabian powerlifters Terrazas, Lopez, Saldaña, & Rios STATE BOUND

Aaliyah Terrazas, Arsci Lopez, Nayeli Saldaña, and Jeanette Rios will represent the Arabian powerlifting program at State competition on March 19 with the venue being American Bank Center Arena in Corpus Christi.
Aaliyah placed second in the 105lb division while Arsci and Nayeli were not too far behind in the final totals for that particular classification. Although Jeanette placed sixth in her 123lb class, due to Class 4A splitting into two divisions she actually placed second overall in 123lb Division II.
Congratulations Arabians and best of luck at STATE!!!
Results (Lifter-Place-Weight Class-Squat-Bench-Dead Lift-Total)
Aaliyah Terrazas-2nd-105lb-255-130-280-665 Arsci Lopez-5th-105lb-260-125-260-645 Nayeli Saldaña-6th-105lb-255-135-250-640 Jeanette Rios-8th-123lb-260-165-255-680.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer