Arabian powerlifters place second at TSS; Felicity Diaz wins gold

The Devine Arabian powerlifting lift earned second place at last week’s Texas Strength System Invitational. Felicity Diaz won a gold medal by finishing tops in the 220lb division while Khali Key, Gillian Estala, Jeanette Rios, and Selly Gutierrez all took home silver in their respective divisions.
“We had another great showing as our girls got 2nd place as a team,” said Head Coach Paul Gomez. “Several improved and really move up the ladder. We had a few that had an off day that usually place in the top three so if we can just put it all together, we have a really good shot at qualifying quite a few girls to the Regional Meet. I am proud of the hard work and effort they are putting in and it will pay off in the end. We just have to keep working hard and reaching our weekly goals!”
Results (lifter-place-division-squat-bench-deadlift-total)
Arsci Lopez-3rd-105-225-110-230-565 Carmelina Bernal-9th-105-150-75-135-360 Jeanette Rios-2nd-114-220-150-245-615 Nayeli Saldana-4th-114-210-105-245-560 Cassandra Elias-12th-123-165-90-190-445 Clarissa Ybanez-12th-148-215-150-225-590 Selly Gutierez-2nd-165-270-140-250-655 Isabella Gutierrez-4th-181-240-125-240-605 Kylie Rodriguez-4th-198-255-110-250-615 Felicity Diaz-1st-220-335-170-350-855 Khali Key-2nd-220-300-190-330-820 Nadia Rodriguez-6th-220-215-115-225-555 Gillian Estala-2nd-259-330-155-300-785 Kristiana Ortiz-5th-240-120-245-605.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer