Arabian powerlifters 3rd place at Natalia

The Devine Arabians opened their 2022 season at Natalia last Wednesday. The Arabians placed third as a team with 35 points behind team champion Natalia and runner-up Cotulla.
Nayeli Saldana and Cassandra Elias were first place winners in their respective division while Victoria Nunez and Cece Martinez were runners-up in theirs. Bronze medals went to Viviana Torres and Ainsley Buvinghausen.
Team rankings
1st Natalia 61, 2nd Cotulla 52, 3rd Devine 35, 4th Lytle 13, 5th San Antonio Southwest 9, Stockdale 6.
Arabian results (Class-Place-Lifter-Squat-Bench-Deadlift-Total)
114lb-1st-Nayeli Saldana-275-140-280-695; 114lb-4th-Sabrina Lindsey-195-90-220-505; 123lb-3rd-Viviana Torres-250-120-285-655; 123lb-5th-Jordan Erxleben-235-115-250-600; 123lb-6th-KateFeatherly-220-135-240-595;123lb (JV)-12th-Jocelynn Zamarron-185-115-185-485; 123lb (JV)-15th-Bailey Ornelas-180-85-185-450; 132lb-1st-Cassandra Elias-300-165-310-775; 132lb-5th-Samantha Vera-250-120-250-620; 132lb-10th-Amya Polen-190-85-185-460; 148lb-2nd-Victoria Nunez-240-95-240-575; 148lb-3rd-Savanna Pequeno-195-90-210-495; 181lb-3rd-Ainsley Buvinghausen-3rd-260-100-255-615; 181lb (JV)-5th-Trinity Spurgess-200-120-210-530; 181lb (JV)-6th-Savanna Schuler-175-95-200-470; 198lb-2nd-Cece Martinez-315-165-315-795; 220lb-5th-Alanna Monreal-250-100-240-590.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer