Arabian powerlifter Aaliyah Terrazas finishes season ranked 7th in State

Anytime a high school sophomore in an individual sport performs at the highest level is a tremendous accomplishment within itself. A majority of high school student/athletes never get to experience such a great reward. Whatever happens to Aaliyah Terrazas over the course of the next two powerlifting seasons, she will always be able to boast about competing at State during her high school career.
Even though she “Bombed Out” which does not allow for place qualification Aaliyah learned from her experience and will no doubt be back on the same stage in the years to come.
“Wheewww!” I am not sure how to accurately spell Head Coach Paul Gomez’s initial reaction to the way the day panned out for several lifters, including Aaliya. “Judges on this platform were tough today! There were four ‘Bomb Outs’ in the 105lb class, five in the 220lb. class, and one in a the 259lb. class for a total of ten 10 in this platform. That is usually unheard of at this level.
Needless to say, it was a tough day for us but we battled through the adversity. However, even though it was not our best day, Aaliyah went up three spots to #7 overall in her weight classification. To be #7 in state as a sophomore is a huge accomplishment and I am very proud of my sophomore!”
Congratulations, Aaliyah on a great season and thank you for proudly representing Devine High School!
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer