April Natalia City Council reports

The following monthly reports for April were provided to the Natalia City Council and approved at the Regular meeting last Monday, May 15.
The Natalia Police Department received 66 calls for service, including 16 to assist other agencies; 10 to assist the public; seven for suspicious vehicle/person activity; six for information; four each for accidents, Animal Control, and civil matters; three traffic complaints; two each for City Ordinance violations, disturbances, switchblades in weapon-free zones, and alarm calls; and one each for welfare concern, warrant service, return of stolen vehicle, and assault.
There were 47 traffic violations, including five school cases. Nineteen violations were for speeding; 17 for disregarding a stop sign; five for no driver’s license; three for no insurance; and one each for defective head light, expired registration, and suspended driver’s license. Twelve warnings were given.
There were five misdemeanors and two felonies.
Municipal Court
Twenty cases were on the Municipal Court docket in May, including eight for speeding, three each for no insurance and no driver’s license/failure to display driver’s license, two each for disregarding a stop sign and possession of drug paraphernalia, and one each for expired registration and theft.
Thirteen cases were completed, and $1,903.70 was collected. Natalia kept $1,197.16, and $706.54 was remitted to the State.
The City pumped 11,253,300 gallons, or 34.535 acre feet, of water in April. 222.272 acre feet of the authorized amount of 326.667 acre feet remain.
Utility Director’s report
The City’s Ford F-150 #1 drove 1,654 miles and used 133.61 of fuel for $299.57; the Ford F-150 #2 drove 858 miles and used 54.08 gallons of fuel for $120.50; and the Ford F-150 #3 drove 856 miles and used 68.57 gallons of fuel for $152.87.
A total of 3,368 miles were driven, and $572.94 was paid for 256.26 gallons of fuel.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer