Annual Christmas Hayride returns

Welcome to November …. for the week ending Oct. 31, 2021, we handled a total of 57 calls for service. I guess the cool weather prevented the ink from flowing in the pens, officers only issued 18 citations.
Property crimes took a backseat to arrests this week. We only had one property crime reported! That incident occurred at the Dollar General, a fellow stuffed some items into a gift bag and fled in a silver Malibu.
Officers had a good run of arrests (four to be exact), a couple were rather interesting. The first of the week occurred at the police station. Officers pulled up in the back around 10 PM and an intoxicated guy was hanging out on the tailgate of his pickup. He told the officers he thought he was in Devine, a routine check showed he was wanted out of Medina Co. for a DWI warrant. He was taken to the Medina Co. Jail in Hondo. Officers also made two DWI arrests, both a result of calls for a reckless driver. This is a good time to remind everyone: Don’t hesitate to report a reckless or possibly intoxicated driver. We might not always be able to locate them and get them off the road, but this last week we were able to do it twice thanks to alert citizens. The fourth arrest was a traffic stop where it was determined the driver had a felony dope warrant out of Atascosa Co. Officers took him into custody and located more illegal drugs, so he was booked on the warrant and picked up a new felony charge.
A lot of people are struggling with addiction, I wish there was an answer to that problem. All our arrests this week were alcohol or drug-related and, in most incidents, our only option is a trip to the county jail. We have great county jails, but they can’t fix all of society’s problems.
The annual Christmas Hayride is a “Go”. Due to COVID-19, last year the city substituted a “vehicle parade.” This year we will be back to the traditional event, you know …. trailers, hay, riders, etc. The event will be on the first Saturday in December (the 4th) at the Lytle Community Center on Priest Blvd. I’ll keep you posted when we get more details.
We survived another Halloween Trick or Treat frenzy. We didn’t have any serious calls, and nobody got hurt. Well, maybe some stomachs got hurt because of all the candy. The weather was perfect, and the crowd was big. We have six police vehicles, and they were all out “on the road”.
Don’t miss the homecoming parade this Saturday, Main St. will be packed with people for this biennial event (yes, I had to double check and make sure that was the right word). The parade starts at 10AM around city hall and ends down around the Veterans’ Park. Usually, people on the floats throw candy. So, if you didn’t get your fair share on Halloween, you get a second chance.
Congratulations to Paola “Liz” Rios. Our longtime PD Administrative Asst. who recently transferred to City Hall was promoted last week. She is now the Asst. City Secretary, the #2 spot at city hall! All these years I thought she was just up at the front of the PD doing her job and taking care of business. Little did I know that she was watching me closely and absorbing my leadership skills, brain waves, and work ethic. Once she gained all the knowledge she could store up; she headed down to city hall. I’m just glad I could do my part to help the city I love and call home.