Annex furnishing bid under budget

Got some moisture during the winter event but, after measuring 1.1 inches of ice, the rain gauge broke and leaked like a Washington insider. Gotta replace it. Could rely on Ron Outlaw’s version but, he says his gauge reads in millimeters. Turn it around Outlaw.
Here it is March 2021 and we have an Election coming up on May 1….only 58 days away. I have heard of no scheduled meetings to inform the general public of the plans and cost projections associated with the Bond Election that is being pursued to pay for the facility envisioned by the Medina County Junior Livestock Show committee. Since I see no mention of any organization other than Medina County listed in the Bond Election Order, the cost of purchasing the property, staffing, equipping, insuring and maintaining the facility will be the responsibility of the County.
We took action on several subdivisions up in the Castroville area, did some vacating, replatting and established some speed limits on County roads. Most of these speed limits turn into suggestions.
We did receive bids on furnishing the new Courthouse Annex that we anticipate will open in April. We had budgeted $500,000 but the bid we accepted came in at $380,750 and change. Lotta furniture but then…lotta rooms for a lotta people.
Our Resolution in Opposition to SB 234/HB 749 efforts to silence County Officials was tabled until the next meeting. Judge said it needed a few more words in some places and a few less in others. I sent my letter to one of the authors of the Bill (Senator Bob Hall from somewhere northeast of Dallas) and he directed his assistant to call me and attempt to change my mind. Neither of us had an effect on the other.
We managed to finish our project out on CR 6815. Now we start on the next short project out on CR 7720. Soon as we get the pieces in, we are going to replace a culvert out near the Black Creek church that has rotted and created holes in the road. Had one of the crew with a family member test positive for the Covid so, we are gonna be one short for a couple weeks.
Got the first shot of the two shot vaccine on Thursday last week. Friday mornin, I felt like I had spent hours in the drum of a moving cement truck. Everything was sore. Didn’t feel like eating but, could smell and taste the coffee. Don’t know if I am looking forward to the second shot or not.