An end in sight?….Covid-19 cases hit all time low in Medina County

Authorities are happy to report that Medina County’s active case count for 11/15/21 is down 3.
“We haven’t seen cases this low since the pandemic started,” said Patricia Mechler, Medina County Health Unit with a sigh of relief, though she noted that nearby Bexar still has over 2,000 active cases.
The following is a press release from Mechler:
The best news is there are no new deaths to report. If you are wanting a Covid-19 booster or your first dose of COVID-19 vaccine we have clinic registration at and have clinics at our Hondo office and the Devine WIC and Castroville WIC locations. Next week we will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday due to Thanksgiving and will not have clinics in Castroville or Devine which would usually be planned for a Thursday.
Now is a good time to get your COVID-19 booster or first dose before the holidays, especially if you are traveling and will be around family and friends who are out of your normal circle. Our data on those fully vaccinated changed last week due to the addition of those age 5 and up being added, so if you are keeping track our percentages for Texas and Medina County went down a bit.
Some additional data to note and going into the holidays, fully vaccinated adults age 65 and older is currently at 74.91% for our county. That still leaves a little over 2000 persons aged 65 and older that could get the COVID-19 vaccine. If you know anyone who is homebound or unable to drive or unable to get vaccinated for some reason but would like to, give us a call and we can make a home visit if needed. We don’t want to leave anyone out who wishes to be vaccinated but can’t get to us. Also, we realize online registration is not for everyone so give us a call at the Health Unit if you need assistance registering for a COVID-19 vaccine.
VACCINE DATA UPDATE (estimated) since 11/8/2021
People that are fully vaccinated age 5 and older:
Medina County 52.71% up from 52.44%
Texas 58.20% up from 57.72%
Additional Medina County data:
Number of people that are fully vaccinated: 25,676 up from 25,543
Number of people who have received an additional or booster dose: 3991 up from 3,435
CASE DATA UPDATE (estimated) since 11/8/2021
Confirmed Cases: 4,807
Probable Cases: 2132
Fatalities: 166 remain the same from last week
Active Cases: 3 down from 28
Recovered: 6,792
By Trish Mechler
Medina County Health Unit

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