Adopt-A-Highway pick up in remembrance of Adrian Camarillo June 10

Adrian Camarillo

Mary Jane Balderrama invites anyone who has one hour to give for her son’s annual Adopt A Highway pickup. June 10 at 8 am.
I have learned that your friends are for life. Many of you knew or went to DHS in 1994 perhaps graduated with Adrian. Adrian was not only my son ; but like my other children, Gina Morales and Neva Fernandez, Mike Camarillo and Angie Camarillo my best friends too. Adrian was a hugger, how I miss those hugs.
Adrian became an organ donor when he was killed in a automobile accident. Pictured here along with Adrian’s picture is a group of recipients of Donate Life.
My son was only 18 when he died. We had the opportunity to donate his organs and tissue so that others waiting for a chance to live through organ donation could and have quality of life and live on.
Adrian’s heart went to a man who had seven children. Even though Adrian did not get to marry and give me grandchildren; he DID through his gift of life! I am very active with Texas Organ Sharing Alliance. I speak to nurses and doctors and at many awareness group activities as an advocate for donating.
If your driver’s license does not have a red heart in one corner you have not registered. This is a personal matter. However it’s easy to register online or at the time you renew your license. Give it some thought.
You may ask how or why I do this. I know through scripture that I have been promised we will see our loved ones again. My faith in Jesus assures me this promise. One day I will no longer be here to clean up Adrian’s Hwy. But until that day comes I remember him and will keep doing what I do. I love to see his name on the signs next to the Dollar Store.
I always buy breakfast for all who come out to help at clean up. If you can come help it’s June 10 at 8 am sharp. We always meet at the parking lot of the Dollar Store. I have water, gloves, trash bags and safety vests. Mark your calendars!