Academic All-State recognition for Warhorse football players Carr, Hackebeil, Ramirez, & Martinez

The Texas High School Coaches Association released Academic All-State recognition for student-athletes who played football this past season. Nominees are evaluated on three separate criteria (Class Rank, Overall GPA and ACT and/or SAT Score) and designated a score for each of the three categories. The composite score is used to determine which team they qualify for. Leaving one of these three categories blank does not make an athlete ineligible, however it does diminish their opportunity to qualify for elite or first team status.
Peyton Carr, Brady Hackebeil, and Kannon Ramirez earned 2nd Team Academic All-State honors and Mason Martinez made Academic All-State Honorable Mention
“This is the true representation of a student-athlete,” said Head Coach Paul Gomez. “These young men were able to maintain A’s in all classes, which ranked them high in their senior class and scored well on SAT or ACT exams.”
Those in the know regarding the amount of time football players put into their season outside of the regular school day understand how difficult it is to maintain above average scores on daily assignments, tests, and state exams.
“These guys would get out of practice after 7pm and still complete all of their class assignments and score on a very high level. This is an example of great dedication and I truly appreciate these boys and their determination,” Gomez continued.
In a sport where most onlookers judge players (and coaches) on what numbers are displayed on the scoreboard after the completion of a Friday night game, an accomplishment that deserves more praise and recognition is how those same players represent their school as both a student and an athlete.
“They have represented our high school and our community in a very positive way and they deserve to be recognized in the best way possible. Peyton, Brady, Kannon, and Mason epitomize what is great about the combined role of a student-athlete,” Gomez said in closing.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer