A week with no arrests

Officers generated 64 calls for service this past week, the trend for the past several months has been more calls but less that resulted in much police action. We are seeing a lot of suspicious person and suspicious activity calls which is great. We encourage citizens to call us, which is why we are here. There were 22 traffic citations issued. It was a three way tie for first place with speeding, no insurance and no driver’s license each getting five. We didn’t arrest anybody. It is okay with me that sometimes we don’t have any arrests. I’m not looking to fill up the jails just because we can.
We only took one report of a property crime last week. Some building material was taken from the construction site of the new apartments on Lytle-Somerset St. Three (3) criminal investigations were picked up though; they included a sexual assault, a domestic violence assault and a debit/credit card abuse case. Those cases require a lot of running around, tracking people down, requesting records/videos and conducting lots of interviews. I don’t really have the patience to be a full-time investigator, I like being able to finish a project by the end of the day or even the week and these cases just don’t work that way. When I do have to go to San Antonio to interview suspects or witnesses I always plan my route so I end up by somewhere I want to eat.
Last Saturday morning downtown Lytle was the scene of an awesome homecoming parade. I was really surprised by the number of floats that were stacked full of people, especially kids. It’s a wonder that there was anybody left in town to be spectators. It was a successful event, nobody got hurt and I think everybody had a great time. I was on my police bicycle, I never even fell off. But the next morning I sure felt like I fell off and got run over, I definitely should have done a little riding before the big day.
Our next big shin dig is the National Night Out event that we will be having at the Gidley House Town Square. It will be Tuesday, Oct. 3 and will run from 6 PM – 8 PM. The Lytle Fire Dept. will be co-hosting and will have a lot of their equipment including their new truck on display. You don’t need to bring any money all the food and drinks will be free. We have discovered that charging people to hang out with a bunch of cops doesn’t really “fill up the seats.” We will also be giving away some items with our logo on them like cups and Frisbees. Some people use them and others just mount them in their vehicle in plain sight hoping to “get a break” if they get pulled over.