A record 13 Lady Mustangs headed to Regional lift meet

The Natalia Lady Mustang Powerlifting program is one that has been built on high expectations and success. This season, a record 13 Lady Mustangs have qualified for the Texas Girls Regional Powerlifting Meet which is set for this Friday, March 1st at Robstown. As you can see, the tradition of success continues as this program continues to thrive under 1st year Head Coach Kasey Crowther.
“Our veteran lifters Samantha Sanchez, Julia Owens, Gabrielle Santoya and Dezarae Perez will lead us in our 7th consecutive regional meet with their key ingredients- ‘Commitment, disciplines and grit’,” Coach Crowther said.
The following is a preview of who is Regional Bound for the girls in blue as well as a few coaches comments about each young lady.
Senior: Samantha Sanchez (Ranked 2nd-97lb. wc)
“Sammie is excited as she advances to her third regional meet with the expectations of advancing to the state competition. She has been putting in the work, attacking her weaknesses and is ready to show her hard work and dedication will push her to compete at the highest level.
Best Lifts this season: Squat-245, Bench-130, Deadlift-265, Total-640.
Freshman: Meg Martinez (Ranked 9th- 105lb. wc)
“A newcomer this year, Meg has fully committed herself to the program and secured a regional meet spot, but we know she has more in her tank. We are excited to get her there and are confident that she will hit numbers she hasn’t hit before.”
Best Lifts this season: Squat-255, Bench-135, Deadlift-215, Total-605
Senior: Julia Owens (Ranked 10th-105lb. wc)
“Julia is making her 2nd consecutive appearance at regional. This year she came back committed to not only competing at regional, but advancing to state. We are excited for the opportunity she has and we know she will rise to the occasion.”
Best Lifts this season: Squat-225, Bench-120, Deadlift-250, Total-595
Freshman: Emily Wheeler (Alt) (Ranked 13th-105 lb. wc)
“Emily will be traveling with the team as an alternate, only one place away, hoping for an opportunity to compete. From day one, she has been in the weight room attacking each workout and hungry to learn ways to improve on her weaknesses.
Best Lifts this season: Squat-230, Bench-125, Deadlift-200, Total-555
Sophomore: Sophia Padilla (Alt) (Ranked 13th-114 lb. wc)
“Another newcomer, Sophia has shown up every day with the goal of competing at the highest level and upholding the tradition of excellence that our program has established. She is another alternate that will be traveling with the team with hopes of competing.”
Best Lifts this season: Squat-205, Bench-110, Deadlift-250, Total-565
Freshman: Angelica Padilla (Ranked 8th-123lb. wc)
“Another Newcomer this year, but no stranger to powerlifting, she has grown up coming to these events watching her brothers compete for and win Regional and State Championships. Jelli has fully committed herself to the high standards set by her family and the program securing a regional spot. We are excited for this young lifter and know she will put up numbers no one expects.”
Best Lifts this season: Squat-270, Bench-140, Deadlift-270, Total-690
Junior: Angelina Zapata (Ranked 10th-123 lb. wc)
“Another Newcomer this year, Angie, is all too familiar with the hard work and dedication that goes into being successful. She has come to practice and competed at all the meets with one goal – get better every day. We are fired up to see what she can do at the Regional Meet when the spotlight is on.”
Best Lifts this season: Squat-290, Bench-135, Deadlift-250, Total: 675
Freshman: Isabella Martinez (Alt) (Ranked 15th- 123 lb. wc)
“Newcomer this year, but no stranger to powerlifting she has also grown up coming to meets watching her brothers compete for and win Regional and State Championships. Bella has shown her dedication in and out of the weight room willing to do whatever it takes to secure a spot as a regional alternate. The future is bright for this young lifter.”
Best Lifts this season: Squat-235, Bench-95, Deadlift-255, Total: 585
Sophomore: Sofia Almendarez (Ranked 8th- 148 lb. wc)
“Sofia is entering her second year in the program and has seen all the success that a lot of our other lifters have had. This has given her the drive to push through grueling workouts in order to earn a spot at the Regional Meet. She has a way of turning up her intensity when the stakes get high. We expect great things from this first time Regional lifter.”
Best Lifts this season: Squat-275, Bench-165, Deadlift-300, Total: 740
Junior: Dezarae Perez (Ranked 4th-165 lb. wc)
“Dez will be making her second straight Regional appearance. After placing 2nd at Regional and advancing to State competition in the 146 wt. class last year she will be shaking things up in the 165 wt. class this year. Her potential when the “Bar is Loaded” is second to none, and we are excited to see what this veteran lifter can do.
Best Lifts this season: Squat-315, Bench-170, Deadlift-330, Total: 815
Sophomore: Gabrielle Santoya (Ranked 12th-165 lb. wc)
“We are proud of Gabi for coming back and following up last year’s Regional appearance with her second chance to leave her mark on this sport. She has focused in on her weaknesses and perfected her technique this season, which is definitely paying off. We know she will show up ready to compete and help our team win.”
Best Lifts this season: Squat-300, Bench-185, Deadlift-300, Total: 785
Senior: Zita Perez- (Ranked 8th-181 lb. wc)
“Another newcomer this year, Zita has shown determination battling through some adversity to earn her a spot at the Regional meet. This young lady has shown up to work on form, technique all while learning the ins and outs of a new sport. She may be new to the sport but with several playoff appearances in other sports she is no stranger to high pressure situations.”
Best Lifts this season: Squat-295, Bench-150, Deadlift-310, Total: 755
Freshman: Jasmine Ramon (Ranked 5th-198 lb. wc)
“Yet another newcomer this year, this very soft spoken polite young lady has quietly risen to the 5th spot in the Region. From day one Jasmine has never questioned the weight on the bar she just shows up and puts in work. We expect great things from this young lifter.”
Best Lifts this season: Squat-370, Bench-150, Deadlift-345, Total: 865
By Eric Smith