“A Kiss for Charity” book signing in Devine Saturday, Aug. 6 at 1pm

The experience of seeing her story come to life has been a “dream come true” for the local author Teresa “Reece” Villarreal.

Teresa “Reece” Villarreal is excited to announce her upcoming book signing on Saturday, August 6 at 1 pm at Bon Cafe in Devine.

Seeing her book “A Kiss for Charity” published has been a dream come true, she says.
“I’ve been writing stories since I was a kid. Finally I’ve finished a book–something I always wanted to do. It’s my first book and it will be a series,” Villarreal said in an interview this Monday. “A Kiss for Charity is a romance novel about a small town girl who gets a chance to go to New York where she meets the man of her dreams.”
The book is available for check-out at local libraries and also for sale on Amazon. Villarreal is a Lytle Lady Pirate graduate, Class of 1993. Her parents, Maria Teresa Soliz and Eliseo Villarreal couldn’t be prouder, and are very supportive of this accomplishment.
“Someone sent me a message and said ‘I love your book’ and that just means the world to me. It really has been a dream that came true for me to get a copy of my book and hold it in my hands,” Villarreal adds.