8th Grade Fillys win home tournaments

8th Grade Maroon Filly Macey Hein stakes the ball down the court. Photo by Alexis Shook.

Gold Team
At the Filly tournament last week the 8th grade Gold team may have started off a little slow but once they woke up and got their head in the game they beat Uvalde in their first match and then stomped Hondo in the championship game.
In the Uvalde game the final score was 41-24 proving that the Gold Fillys were there to win. Brooklyn Crossland topped the score board with 14 points, Chasity Reyes had 7, Darian Alvarez 5, Leilani Lascano and Kylie Rodriguez each had 4, Emily Cruz 3, and Serena Macias and Marianna Hutton each had a free throw.
Coming from behind against Hondo the Gold Fillys pushed hard in the last quarter to beat Hondo 16-12. Reyes had 8 points, Crossland, Lascano, Alvarez and Hutton each had 2.
Maroon Team
Setting goals helped the 8th grade Maroon team beat every opponent they faced at their home tournament. Coach Khera Vay said their goals were to “communicate on defense, be coachable, transition and push the pace, score an average of 10 a quarter and hold opposing team to 5 per quarter”.
Facing Uvalde, the Maroon team controlled the scoreboard all four quarters and didn’t let Uvalde score the second half. A final score of 40-9 proved that having those goals is paying off. Macey Hein scored 21 points, Yessika Garza had 6, Cece Martinez 3, Lacey Shook, Kadence Yates, Kylee Saunders, and Mayah Brogdon each had 2 and Analisa Pompa had a free throw.
Hondo put up more of a challenge for the Maroon Fillys but applying their goals helped them win with a score of 32-26. With beating Hondo the Maroon Fillys won the tournament. Shook had 11 points, Hein 6, Garza and Yates each had 5, Pompa 3 and Kelli Geyer had 2.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer