8th Grade Fillys undefeated

8th Grade Filly Lizbeth DeLos Santos passes the ball.

8th Grade Gold
Winning their last game of the season, the 8th Grade Gold Fillys finished undefeated! They beat Carrizo Springs 24-4 and 17-16 on October 28th making their record 9-0. This was an improvement over last year’s season record of 7-3-3.
“The first game went very well. We made a couple of mental mistakes in the beginning but made some adjustments and got back in our “groove”. We won 24-4. The second game was one of those games that started off with nothing going right. Everything was off, and Carrizo had a lead early in the game due to many errors we made in the beginning. Mentally, we weren’t ready to play. But I called a time-out; we got our heads “together” and stepped back out on the court ready to play. We came back and soon it was tied, and the score continued to be “neck and neck” until the very end. Since the clock stops on time-outs, I called one after we won the rally because we were behind 3 or 4 points with less than a minute left to play. Iris Stricker was my next server. I told them all that we must focus on winning each rally one point at a time because we MUST keep our serve. If we win the rally, Stricker needs to hurry and get back on the serving line to serve again before the clock runs out! We don’t have time to celebrate! And they did just that! The game was tied 16-16 with about 11 seconds left on the clock. Stricker quickly grabbed the ball and rushed to the serving line. The referee blew her whistle and Stricker served. The ball was in play for about 5 seconds or so and Carrizo made an error and the ball never came back over. The buzzer went off and we won the game 17-16! The girls were so excited! We all were! What a way to end our season! Thank you girls! It was so much fun coaching you this season! I will never forget this game and the great memories we made together.” Coach Shana Beaty
Aces: Iris Stricker 1, Savannah Pequeno 1. Hits: Reese Duncan 3, Liah Romero 2, Zoe Ortiz 2, Savannah Pequeno 1, Mia Hernandez 1. Kills: Duncan 1, Ortiz 1. Assists: Ortiz 1, Brynlea Byrd 1. Offensive serve recieves: Hernandez 4, Stricker 3, Alanna Monreal 2. Digs: Mia Hernandez 3, Stricker 1.
8th Grade Maroon
In their final game on October 28th, the 8th Grade Maroon Fillys beat Carrizo Springs in two sets to seal an undefeated district season. Winning their sets 25-8 and 25-11, Coach Shana Beaty could not be more proud of how well her team improved since they first set foot on the court in the seventh grade. The Maroon Fillys repeated their district win with the same record as last year, 14-1 overall and 9-0 in district.
“This was our FINAL GAME and it was a WIN! Carrizo’s efforts really improved from the last time we played them as their serves and defense gave these girls a little more to compete with. Again, each one of these girls brought something positive to the game and made great contributions on the court. These girls have a level of play like none other and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the Arabian program! Devine Middle School’s 2019–8th grade A-Team Volleyball District Champions! Congratulations to you all! Loved being your coach!” Coach Beaty
Aces: Brooklyn Miller 3, Kelsey Dishman 1, Lizbeth De Los Santos 1. Hits: Rylee Esquibel 13, Miller 8, Macky Schnautz 3, Denise Contreras 2, Avery Mobley 1, Makayla Rivera 1, Dishman 2, Kaylee Romano 1. Kills: Esquibel 5, Miller 2, Schnautz 1, Contreras 1, Mobley 1, Rivera 1. Assists: Kate Featherly 5, Dishman 4. Digs: Romano 3, Yancey Parson 3, De Los Santos 2, Hilary Barnett 2, Dishman 1, Featherly 1.
The Fillys have moved onto basketball and had their first game Monday against Poteet. They will compete in the Hondo Tournament their weekend and then play in Crystal City November 14th.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer