8th grade Fillys dominate Lytle

They 8th grade Fillys won both games this past Monday.
Fillys Maroon vs. Lytle
They scored 14 aces; C. Martinez 10, L. Herrera 2, K. Yeats 1, and A. Pompa 1. Helping with the three hits were A. Gerlach (1), Y. Garza (1), and M. Hein (1). Assisting with those were Pompa (3) and Hein (2). They were also able to score 7 kills; Gerlach 3, D. Alverez 2, K. Duncan 1, and Y. Garza 1.
They had 23 digs; D. Reyna 6, B. Crossland 5, Herrera 3, Martinez 3, Hein 2, K. Geyer 1, L. Shook 1, Gerlach 1, and Garza 1.
“This was a win for us, but honestly, it shouldn’t have been this close,” Coach Shana Beaty said. “Our goal is to dominate every game.”
Fillys Gold vs. Lytle
The Gold team won in two games; 25-11 and 25-9. They had 15 aces; Kendall M. 4, Chasity R. 2, Samantha L. 2, Bailey C. 2, Emily C. 1, Jackie W. 1, and Kylee S. 1. They had two hits by Kendall M. and Irene S. Only one assist by Jackie W.
They had 4 total digs; Emily C. 1, Chasity R. 1, Ashlyn C. 1, and Kendall M. 1.
“This group of girls did very well,” Coach Beaty said. “They are a very strong team, but we have got to be more competitive out there!”
By Abby Kohlleppel
Staff Writer