8th Grade Fillys battle Pearsall

8th Gold
Fighting for every point but coming up short against Pearsall, the 8th grade Gold Fillys only lost by two points. “The Gold team got off to a great start defensively getting steals, but couldn’t seem to get a lay-up or jumper to go in,” said Coach Khera Vay. Chasity Reyes scored 8, Darian Alvarez 6 and Leilani Lascano scored 2 points.
8th Maroon
Running a new press and scoring points off turnovers and steals lead the 8th grade Maroon Fillys to a huge win over Pearsall. A final score of 53-14, the Maroon Fillies dominated Pearsall. “They also had a great passing game and worked hard to be coachable and do the right things. I’m proud of the effort this group is giving and how they get more disciplined each game,” said Coach Vay. Macey Hein scored 22 points, Yessika Garza 12, Kadence Yates 8, Analisa Pompa 3, and Kelli Geyer, Lacey Shook, Sam Lascano and Mayah Brogdon each had 2
The Maroon and Gold 8th Grade Fillys head to Carrizo Springs Thursday.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer